Packaging, all-inclusive service

Packing and full-service supply of fresh fruit and vegetables to trading networks    
One of the commercial subdivisions of ProdGamma Company is VELPROD LLC, which provides packaging and full-service supply of fresh fruit and vegetables since 2007.
Initially the Company worked only with METRO, the big hypermarket chain.
At present, our partners are hypermarkets of METRO, Lenta, Ashan and some other stores on the territory of Siberia.
We provide the full range of services to our clients: the widest possible product range on the East of the Ural Mountains (including exotic fruits and vegetables), many types of packaging, high quality, labeling and bar coding of each product unit, delivery to the sales point at the settled time wherever the partner may be, information support, planning, forecasting, campaign organization, delivery of any ordered products to the most discerning clients. Our turnkey supply ensures minimum additional expenses for our partners. VELPROD LLC is interested in attracting new partners for the further business development.
Our attractive packaging boosts the sales and minimizes the troubles of our clients.

Russia, Novosibirsk

Rice, Starch:
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Fruit and Vegetables:
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Rice and Starch

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